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When one facility fits all

Umbrella fund finance can provide a simplified approach for managers with multiple strategies.

Debt portfolio offloaded by First Republic Bank

A sole buyer acquired two separate credit funds as part of a clean-up in the bank's private investment arm.

PDI 50: The movers and shakers

An analysis of the most successful fundraisers over the past five years shows which players are becoming dominant in private debt.

Report: Bain credit arm set to move Europe HQ to Dublin

The switch from London to Dublin will see the Bain brand extended into Ireland.

Uncorrelated returns: The holy grail

Frank Barbarino, senior investment officer at the Office of New York City Comptroller, offers insight on his organisation’s private debt strategy in conversation with PDI.

Why funds are reaching for a finance umbrella

Umbrella fund finance facilities can be a convenient and cost efficient option for managers with a number of strategies under one roof. Leon Stephenson and Alex Griffiths of law firm Reed Smith explain why.

BNP Paribas launches European corporate loans fund

European corporate debt is targeted by BNP Paribas Asset Management as default expectations remain low.

Private debt catches up in returns race

The asset class has shown the robustness of its returns profile.

LBOs under the microscope

On Fitch’s leveraged loan default watchlist, private equity-backed companies are well represented, but not beyond what one might expect.

Alcentra seeking $300m for third CLO-focused fund

The Bank of New York Mellon credit group’s debut fund focused on CLO mezzanine debt, while the second targeted CLO equity.