2020 awards: Final call to action!

Time is fast running out, with a midnight PST deadline tomorrow before voting in our annual awards is brought to a close.

It’s probably been a hectic start to the new year for you, but you wouldn’t want to run the risk of forgetting to vote in our 2020 annual awards, would you? We didn’t think so. Luckily – but for another two days only – you can still make your mark here.

As we mentioned in our previous awards update, this has turned out to be another great year in terms of the number of votes cast, and one in which a new record will almost certainly be set by the time we get to the finish line.

A reminder of the voting rules is on the opening page of the poll – please note these carefully. Then, away you go, with 47 different categories covering Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific as well as some global contests. You may vote in as many or as few of these categories as you wish.

Many of the races have been extremely close throughout – and remain so, even as the finishing line comes into view. Please don’t miss your chance to influence the outcome.