Alcentra’s US sales group sees arrival and departure

The BNY-Mellon owned credit manager has hired Jon Schlafman from BlueBay Asset Management in a US business development role, while Julian Colville has moved to hedge fund Lansdowne Partners.  

Jon Schlafman (pictured) is set to join Alcentra in a business development role in the firm’s New York office soon, PDI has learned. Schlafman was previously co-head of alternatives in the Americas at BlueBay Asset Management in Stamford, Connecticut.

BlueBay, like Alcentra, is headquartered in London, and runs a variety of alternative credit strategies. The firm is in the process of raising €1 billion for its second direct lending fund. BlueBay has confirmed that Schlafman left and a spokeswoman said he will not be replaced in his role there. The Royal Bank of Canada bought BlueBay in 2010 and, since then, most of its strategies in North America have been sold by RBC sales representatives.

Meanwhile, Julian Colville, a managing director in US business development at Alcentra, has left the firm. He is moving back to London, where he used to work with Alcentra, to take on a business development and investor relations role at long/short equity hedge fund Lansdowne Partners, which he will join in September.

Schlafman wasn’t a direct replacement for Colville, as Schlafman was offered the job at Alcentra before Colville resigned, PDI understands. Alcentra is also in the process of raising its second European direct lending fund, which it’s seeking €1.5 billion for, as PDI recently reported.