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More managers are going further down the capital structure in the search for yield. Does the strategy have broader appeal or will it remain a niche play?
Distressed debt funds have proved a magnet for capital. The question now is how and when to deploy the money.
Investors are embracing senior debt as a supposedly non-risk debt exposure, but as competition grows, can lenders hold their discipline?
Contrary to popular belief, private debt investors are not just bystanders after the deal. Here’s how managers can maximise their impact.
Latest estimates reveal a deep pool of potential distressed debt opportunities for mid-market private debt investors, but uncovering the best deals requires a targeted approach.
As more capital heads towards a diminishing senior debt space, are funds storing up trouble? Some say niche approaches are a safeguard against growing competition, writes David Turner.
As the private debt industry becomes crowded, more managers see the value of targeting non-sponsored deals
Banks are selling bad loans across Europe, but one country stands out.
Experience, expertise and AIFMD have helped ensure Luxembourg’s pre-eminence among European fund destinations, but for how long?
Senior debt is not the most glamorous of strategies, but in today’s environment investors are keen to grab a slice of the (predictable) action.

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