Chart of the week: Debt fundraising in Q1 2015

Corporate lending accounts for 71 percent of aggregate capital raised by debt funds in Q1 2015


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In Q1 2015, $12.21 billion was raised by debt funds globally across all sectors. In dollar terms, corporate debt funds gathered the largest proportion; the $8.62 billion raised equates to 71 percent of the total. Real estate debt funds comprise 26 percent of the aggregate amount and infrastructure funds just three percent.

14 corporate, six real estate and two infrastructure funds closed in the quarter. So, the data shows that corporate lending funds raised larger funds on average compared with infrastructure and real estate managers who raised smaller funds on average.

The three largest debt funds to hold a final close in Q1 2015 are all funds set up to lend to companies. These funds include the European Loan Programme, which raised $3.32 billion from investors.

In 2014 corporate debt funds accounted for 70 percent of the total value of debt fundraising, real estate 28 percent, and infrastructure two percent. The parallel between 2014 and this quarter reveals greater opportunities for funds to lend to companies rather than to buildings or projects. It is likely that this trend towards corporate lending, over real estate and infrastructure lending, will continue in the coming year.