Chart of the week: Ten largest private debt fund managers dominate PDI 30

PDI 30: The proportion of capital raised via closed-ended private debt funds by the ten largest institutions increases from 2014 to 2015


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The PDI 30, the annual ranking of the thirty largest private debt GPs by capital raised from closed-ended funds over a five year period, has been published by Private Debt Investor this week. The Research & Analytics team has analysed how the proportion of total capital contributed by the ten largest firms has changed since last year.

The largest 30 private debt fund managers are calculated based on the amount of capital they have raised for private debt vehicles over a five year period. For this year’s ranking, this period is from 1 January 2010 to 1 June 2015. During this time the ten largest GPs accounted for 61.82 percent of the $378.65 billion raised collectively by the 30 GPs reviewed. In 2014 this figure stood at 56.09 percent of $318.28 billion, meaning that despite a minor change in methodology the ten largest fund managers are progressively leading fundraising in the asset class.

Oaktree Capital Management came top of the list this year with $38.11 billion gathered from investors over five years, an increase of $15.07 billion from the amount raised for PDI 30 2014. The firm’s future fundraising efforts remain positive with Oaktree Opportunities X and Xb in market targeting $10 billion collectively.

Last year’s top firm moved to second place in the 2015 ranking. Lone Star’s total stood at $36.5 billion compared to $28 billion in 2014. For the first time since the ranking began in 2013, the three largest managers, which includes M&G Investments, collected over $30 billion each.


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