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      1919 Investment Counsel Asset Manager Baltimore, United States Melvin Hecht

      Miller Kreider

      Abbott Capital Management Fund of Funds Manager New York, United States
      Aberdeen Asset Management Asset Manager Aberdeen, United Kingdom Whit Matthews

      Alistair Watson

      Acropolis Capital Family Office London, United Kingdom Cameron Chartouni

      Ishan Issadeen

      Adams Street Partners Fund of Funds Manager Chicago, United States Craig Waslin

      Tobias True

      Advanced Capital Fund of Funds Manager Milan, Italy Andrea Mazzaferro

      Federico Braguglia

      Aksia Investment Firm New York, United States Timothy Nest

      Jim Vos

      ALANTRA Fund of Funds Manager Madrid, Spain Bruno Delgado

      Mariano Moreno

      Albacore Family Office Lugano, Switzerland Ermanno Molteni

      Elena Giordano

      Alberta Investment Management Corporation Asset Manager Edmonton, Canada Dale MacMaster

      Peter Teti

      Alpha Associates Fund of Funds Manager Zurich, Switzerland Yessin Schiegg

      Daniela Hauenstein

      AlpInvest Partners Asset Manager Amsterdam, Netherlands Peter Cornelius

      Piet-Hein den Blanken

      Ambit Holdings Bank / Financial Services Mumbai, India Rahul Gupta

      Shveta Singh

      American Beacon Asset Manager Irving, United States Mac Owens

      Paul Cavazos

      Arbour Partners Placement Agent London, United Kingdom Peter Andersen

      Ian Milton

      Argosy Capital Asset Manager Wayne, United States Michael Bailey

      John "Jack" Nugent

      Ashmore Investment Management Independent Firm London, United Kingdom Umaang Pabari

      Kevin Bond

      Asset Consulting Group Gatekeepers St. Louis, United States
      Auldbrass Partners Asset Manager New York, United States Howard Sanders

      Christopher Salley

      Axxess Capital Asset Manager Bucharest, Romania Eugenia Vasiliu Banesaru

      Cristina Mogoroase

      Azla Advisors Gatekeepers New York, United States David Waxman

      Robert Friedman

      Barclays Wealth and Investment Management Gatekeepers London, United Kingdom Michael Khouri

      Bedi Capital Asset Manager London, United Kingdom Robert Large

      Inderjit Bedi

      Belay Investment Group Investment Firm Sherman Oaks, United States Barry Chase

      Amy Ko

      bfinance Gatekeepers London, United Kingdom Witold Witkiewicz

      Ori Gotfrid

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