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      5Capital Funds Placement Placement Agent Chicago, United States Allan Majotra

      ABN AMRO Bank / Financial Services Amsterdam, Netherlands Kees Van Dijkhuizen

      Paul Southwell

      Accord Capital Partners Placement Agent San Francisco, United States
      American Securities Independent Firm New York, United States Joe Domonkos

      Loren Easton

      Arbour Partners Placement Agent London, United Kingdom Peter Andersen

      Yannick Lucas

      BC Partners Independent Firm Mathias Ederer

      Henry Wang

      BearTooth Advisors Placement Agent London, United Kingdom Cristina Forcina Westermann

      Bob Brown

      Benedetto Gartland and Company Placement Agent New York, United States
      Bhargava Capital Placement Agent Franklin Lakes, United States
      BNP Paribas Investment Partners Bank / Financial Services Paris, France Alice Wong

      Pascal Biville

      Campbell Lutyens Placement Agent London, United Kingdom Andrew Bentley

      Jean- Phillipe Keravec

      Canaccord Genuity Placement Agent Toronto, Canada Doran Chernichen

      Capstone Partners Placement Agent Dallas, United States Marie Brannan

      James Elland

      Citigroup Asset Manager London, United Kingdom Paulo Caldeira

      John Gerspach

      Cohen Brothers Placement Agent Paris, France
      Conning Asset Manager Hartford, United States Jung Lee

      Richard Sega

      DC Placement Advisors Placement Agent Munich, Germany Nina Dohr-Pawlowitz

      Angela Kropp

      DH Capital Placement Agent New York, United States Sean Charnock

      Adam Midkiff

      Diamond Dragon Advisors Placement Agent Hong Kong, Hong Kong Veronica John

      Kah-Yi Chung

      Duff and Phelps Gatekeepers New York, United States Paul (PJ) Viscio

      Ross Prindle

      Eaton Partners Placement Agent Rowayton, United States Jeffrey Eaton

      Peter Martenson

      Emerging Market Strategies (EM Strategies Inc.) Placement Agent Washington DC, United States
      EPIC Private Equity Placement Agent London, United Kingdom Giles Brand

      James Henderson

      EQ Group Fund of Funds Manager Helsinki, Finland Antti LyytikÄInen

      Peter Borg

      Farrell Marsh & Co. Placement Agent Greenwich, United States

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