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    February 2017 Issue

    Capital talk: Alcentra's $1trn opportunity

    Alcentra is poised to take advantage of European banks being forced to address bad loan issues and the lending constraints they are under. David Forbes-Nixon and Paul Hatfield discuss the detail.

    Earnings season: Q3 results for private debt's biggest players

    Some of the private debt market’s biggest fund managers showed strong fundamentals in Q3 2016. 

    Year ahead: Which direction now for private debt?

    The year ahead looks set to be one of significant change for private debt. PDI examines what 2017 has in store.

    Year ahead: Doubling up on private debt fundraising

    Mid-sized funds may grow significantly to exploit continuing strong demand from LPs.

    Year ahead: Loosening the ties on BDCs

    Business development companies are wondering what an administration that appears more familiar with their industry than its predecessors will bring.

    Year ahead: Mezzanine is stirred, but not shaken

    The junior debt market is getting crowded and anxious about regulation, but reports of its death may be greatly exaggerated.

    Year ahead: Infrastructure debt goes where the wind blows

    Funds managing infrastructure debt strategies may find success luring ESG-conscious investors this year. David Brooke takes a look at the potential for the asset class.

    Year ahead: Korea's vote of confidence in private debt

    Asia has been slow to the private debt table, but South Korean investors are leading the way.

    Investor Spotlight: Talanx Asset Management

    The investment arm of the German insurance giant Talanx has committed to private debt strategies on both sides of the Atlantic. Andreas Asche and Michael Kebbel explain which strategies they favour the most.

    German leveraged buyouts: Banks fight back

    It was a record year in 2016 for German mid-cap leveraged buyouts, but debt funds saw their share of the financing fall.

    Sponsored Finance: Private debt funds moving forward

    Recent trends show deal sponsors increasingly turning to private debt funds, a trend that is likely to be encouraged if European regulators get their way.

    Sponsored Finance: On the rebound

    Business development companies are wondering what an administration that appears more familiar with their industry than its predecessors will bring.

    The last word: Nicolaus Loos of Valin Funds

    Valin Funds is aiming to take advantage of an improved climate for private debt funds in Germany. Its head, Nicolaus Loos discusses the key changes the market has seen.

    Expert comment: Twin Brook on the changing market

    Private equity dry powder, a benign economic environment and pro-growth policies could all add up to a transformed market. Trevor Clark and Chris Williams of Twin Brook Capital Partners explain why.

    Expert comment: NXT Capital on tailwinds in the US

    Prevailing fundamentals and a generally upbeat economic outlook foreshadow healthy levels of market activity. As a result, Neil Rudd and Heath Fuller of NXT Capital predict a strong year ahead, despite some near-term uncertainty following US elections.

    Expert Comment: Antares on North America deal volumes

    After a wobble in the first half of last year, North American mid-market deal activity has good momentum in 2017. David Brackett of Antares Capital explains why and identifies some of the year’s hot sectors.

    Fund administration and corporate trust: Overview

    As the private debt industry matures, managers need to bulk up their back office to attain scale. They need not do it alone.

    Luxembourg's fund domicile dominance

    Experience, expertise and AIFMD have helped ensure Luxembourg’s pre-eminence among European fund destinations, but for how long?

    Technology: Fund administration 2.0

    With disclosure and cybersecurity issues coming to the fore, fund administrators are increasingly looking for ways to innovate and prioritise their technology platforms.

    Corporate trust: connecting the dots

    As investors look for more exposure and fund managers enter into larger deals, traditional corporate trust service providers are seeing private debt become a significant part of their business.

    Six questions to ask your private debt fund administrator

     Appointing a fund administrator is a long-term move so managers need to be sure they find the right partner. Here are some key questions they may ask.

    Expert comment: Sanne Group evolves with the times

    A growing private debt industry has created both challenges and opportunities for fund administrators. Sanne Group’s Conor Blake and Stephen McKenna look at some of the key issues.

    Expert opinion: SGG Group on knowing your client

    A growing community of private debt managers brings with it greater demand for specialist third-party fund administrators. Anja Grenner and Renaud Oury of SGG Group offer insight into their clients’ evolving needs.

    Expert comment: Virtus Partners is tailored for complexity

    As the European private debt industry evolves against a backdrop of ongoing low yields, bank retrenchment and burdensome regulation, there is increasing demand for fund administrators that can offer bespoke solutions, writes Virtus Partners’ Dermot Caden.


    Fund Administration & Corporate Trust