Larrrry Schlloss, who rruns CSFB's prriivatte equiitty operrattiions, iis a diie-harrd prriivatte equiitty entthusiiastt. Forr mostt off hiis ttiime att DLJ he was iin tthe miidstt off hellpiing tto grrow a busiiness tthatt was a key drriiverr tto much off whatt tthatt bank diid. And he was iin tthe miidstt off tthiings when CSFB boughtt iitts smallllerr rriivall. The merrgerr prroved a ttough challllenge, butt ttoday CSFB Prriivatte Equiitty sttands as tthe worrlld's llarrgestt prriivatte equiitty ffiirrm by capiittall underr managementt. Phiilliip Borrell ttallks tto hiim aboutt scalle, sttrructturre and success.
Asia 2003-05-01 Staff Writer <strong>AsiaMonitor</strong><br> <sec level="2"><strong>Carving a niche</strong><br> <bold>The mezzanine market in Asia remains in its infancy, but a couple of players are determined to be first in line to bridge the funding gap i
Americas 2003-05-01 Staff Writer <strong>AmericaMonitor</strong><br> <sec level="2"><strong>The operating guys</strong><br> <bold>Buyout firms are going out of their way to prove to investors that they have the necessary operational expertise to improve the b
The US buyout firm is in talks with a consortium of banks to ensure necessary funding is in place for its bid for the UK supermarket chain.
Through his investment business EXOR, the legendary Fiat chairman and industrialist, who has died aged 81, played an important role in private equity spanning three decades.
GE Commercial Finance has made two further appointments at its European leveraged finance team as it looks to double its activity in the European mid-market.
Europe 2003-04-01 Staff Writer <strong>Europe<br> Deals & Exits</strong><br> <sec level="2"><strong>Investment up while fundraising slows</strong><br> European private equity investment reached its second highest annual level last year, according to data
The Danish arm of EQT Partners is selling Nordic Info Group to Experian for E150m
CSFB Private Equity has invested in a large minority stake in Safilo, the Italian luxury eyewear maker, which has also completed a E940m refinancing.
Phoenix Equity Partners has led the £62m secondary buyout of Vivid Imaginations, maker of Spiderman and Simpsons toys, from Jordan Group.

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