PDI Awards 2020: Time to send us your highlights

We are calling for submissions for 48 categories in this year’s awards. To help us compile our shortlists, we want to hear your highlights from a challenging year.

We can’t pretend 2020 has been an easy year, but it is also one in which firms can clearly demonstrate their ability to rise to a challenge. Private debt has enjoyed tailwinds since it came to prominence in the wake of the global financial crisis. But investors have been waiting to see how the asset class would cope with adverse circumstances, and their wish has now been granted.

Despite the highly challenging conditions, many have continued to not just do business but also thrive. And as we get ready to compile the shortlists for our 2020 awards, we want to hear your highlights from what may be politely described as an unusual year. You can now submit them HERE.

This year’s awards take in 48 different categories covering the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, as well as a selection of global ones. Popular prizes include the likes of Lender of the Year, Fundraising of the Year and Deal of the Year, but we have some rather more esoteric categories as well. You are more than welcome to nominate in more than one category.

When making your submission, please state the category or categories you would like to be considered for. One last reminder: please click HERE to access the submissions form.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 13 November 2020. We look forward to hearing from you.