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  • The PDI 30: the definitive guide to the biggest debt fundraisers
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    •   The biggest private debt managers of 2016 revealed

      The headaches facing today’s private debt fund manager show no signs of easing, but as PDI’s list of the 30 leading firms reveals, raising capital is not one of them.

      This year’s PDI 30 reveals that the leading private debt fund managers raised $462 billion over the past five years, beating last year’s total of $395 billion and 2014’s $318 billion.

      The PDI ranking is now in its fourth incarnation and we have been widening our coverage of private debt firms, getting increasing participation from investment managers and honing our research to make sure we include the right numbers. As it stands, our top 30 ranking is a collection of institutional third-party capital raised for private equity-style funds or separate accounts over the past five years, without counting leverage.

      In a separate ranking you will find public and private BDCs ranked by total assets, as they raise equity differently and are limited on leverage.

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