May 2019 issue

    Private credit’s ‘winner-take-all environment’

    As more firms entered private credit in the decade post-global financial crisis, a stratification of managers left the top tier with capital aplenty and the brightest talent, says Madison Capital Funding’s senior leadership team.

    Easing the burden for real estate debt managers

    As more alternative asset managers embrace real estate, business has boomed for third-party fund administrators, senior North American Alter Domus executives say

    Agri lender takes root in leveraged loans

    An unlikely force has emerged as a key driver of the leveraged loans market in the form of Norinchukin Bank. Views vary on the desirability of this.

    Real estate debt investors must build around Brexit

    The UK has been a hotbed for real estate debt funds, but uncertainty over Brexit and a high level of competitiveness are taking their toll.

    Danish pension puts debt and equity together

    John Bakie looks at how PensionDanmark is merging its private debt and alternatives teams under the leadership of Kim Nielsen to better target opportunities across the capital structure.

    Fintech platforms broaden their reach

    A range of fintech debt-lending platforms in the US claim to offer opportunities for new and experienced investors to better diversify their portfolios.

    Flatt and Marks exclusive interviews: How ‘Brooktree’ reshapes the landscape

    It’s all in the timing, or is it? We speak with Howard Marks and Bruce Flatt about the deal that has everyone talking.

    Care, students and storage – today’s gaps in the market

    How much risk is too much? David Turner takes a look at the decisions real estate debt investors are making in Europe about which countries and sectors they are prepared to back

    Beyond the gaze of the banks

    Hidden behind the fiercely competitive sponsored market, Spain is beginning to wake up to the opportunity offered by sponsorless deals. Ignacio Díez of Trea Direct Lending assesses progress to date and future potential.

    RBC on how depositaries are adapting to a changing market

    The depositary’s role is changing as firms and service providers adapt to shifting regulation and to the need to stay ahead of technological developments, says RBC’s Priya Nair

    Big opportunities at the small end

    Australia’s unusual banking set-up has kept private debt providers at bay, but opportunities are emerging at the smaller end of the market.

    7 mid-market debt trends to watch

    Nearly a decade on from the last financial crisis, private debt is now facing a new era of growth. Rebecca Hampson offers insight on the key mid-market trends driving the asset class.

    Behind the allure of mid-market debt

    Macroeconomic concerns and the need for diversification have driven investor interest in mid-market private debt. But how safe are these allocations?

    Headwinds and tailwinds

    Jaime Prieto, founding partner of European mid-market debt provider Kartesia, explains how the market has evolved in recent years and why sponsorless deals could yet be a major source of future growth.

    Keeping a close eye on downside protection

    Randy Schwimmer, a senior managing director with Churchill Asset Management, gives his perspective on downside protection in the evolving mid-market deal space.

    Fork in the road for the mid-market

    In response to investor demand and increasing competition, mid-market debt has grown well beyond its traditional definitions in both Europe and the US.

    A dive into the downside

    Andrea Tunick and Dan Green, directors at US mid-market structured finance provider NXT Capital, explain the need for proper due diligence in the late stages of the credit cycle.

    Different views of the mid-market

    What qualifies as the ‘mid-market’ can be vastly different based on who you ask. Tim Healy, a managing director at Twin Brook, offers his definition.