Private Debt Investor Fundraising Report

The Annual Fundraising Report 2015 is out now


With $102.75 billion amassed from institutional investors across 139 funds in 2015, fundraising levels for the 12-month period far surpassed those of 2014, but fell just shy of the 2013 peak. Average fund sizes have increased dramatically since the sharp post-crisis drop, but are still some way off the $1.11 billion 2008 levels.

In this report, in-depth analysis is carried out on 2015 fundraising. PDI investigates the geographical remit and sector focus of capital raised in 2015 by fund managers as well as examining the largest funds to close throughout the year. We also study the future of the asset class by assessing how much capital is being targeted by funds currently in market.

Private infrastructure debt fundraising levels have grown since 2012, when $1.34 billion was raised from four funds. With this value more than trebling by 2015, we take a closer look at how investor interest has spiked, causing fund managers to raise more capital than initial target amounts.

Peter Schwanitz, Managing Director at Portfolio Advisors, offers his views on the private debt markets on page 12. The criteria adhered to by the firm when selecting a fund manager, including details such as fees, term and carry, are also discussed.

Following Private Debt Investor’s first ever investor perspectives survey, collating LP thoughts of the asset class going into 2016, further analysis was carried out on the following question: How do you expect your allocation to private debt to change over the next 12 months? With a very positive response from the investor base, the future of private debt looks like it will remain strong.


For more information on any data that makes up the report please contact Daniel Humphrey Rodriguez.  

The Annual Fundraising Report 2015

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