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Understanding Private Debt in Europe and The Refinancing Guide package

Private Debt Package - 170x200



($165.00, saving when both books are purchased together)

978-1-908783-94-3 & 978-1-908783-18-9
Publication date:
30 March 2016
No. of pages:
115 & 210

This special package will ensure you gain a deep understanding of the private debt market in Europe. It will deliver insights into private debt as an asset class, as well as specific liquidity challenges facing buyout managers and portfolio-company CFOs.

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Understanding Private Debt in Europe

Edited and sponsored by EPIC Private Equity and European Capital, Private Debt Investor's Understanding Private Debt in Europe has original, expert contributions from leading market participants, including chapters written by three private debt lenders.

LP insights are also featured, along with the thoughts of two law firms who examine the most pertinent legal aspects concerning the private debt market.

There is also the results of an LP survey compiled by Private Debt Investor which forecasts where the industry may be heading in the months and years ahead.

The book will help fund managers:

  • Understand how LPs are navigating this new asset class and constructing an allocation within their portfolios
  • Determine how best to structure the key financial terms of a private debt fund in Europe 
  • Learn more about the benefits of different private debt strategies such as unitranche and senior direct lending

The Refinancing Guide

Lead edited by Romain Cattet of Marlborough Partners, The Refinancing Guide addresses the refinancing wall and the specific challenges facing European buyout managers and portfolio-company CFOs.

This ground-breaking publication presents the entire range of finance solutions available, including detail on a range of new sources of liquidity, technical innovation in finance structures, LP and GP perspectives, and the evolving role of distressed investors.

Featuring in-depth chapters written by leading practitioners, you'll discover refinancing solutions in diverse areas of European finance. An A-list team of experts will guide you through the intricacies of finance choices, and how these choices will shape companies’ capital structures and their financial health.

Key topics covered include:

  • Choosing additional sources of liquidity in the European market, including high-yield bonds, private debt funds, retail bonds, asset-based lending and mezzanine
  • Strategy when refinancing is no longer an option, and how structural deal innovations will offer a refinancing option for a broader group of companies
  • The factors behind a successful refinance explained, including preparing for refinancing and operational best practice