SC Lowy names new European bond trading chief

The Asia-based fixed-income specialist is boosting its European activities.

Hong Kong-headquartered SC Lowy has named Hussein Nasser to lead its bond trading business in Europe, according to a statement.

Nasser, now head of European bond trading at SC Lowy, will oversee the expansion of the firm’s high-yield bond trading activities into the European market.

The appointment has been timed to take advantage of the expanding European high-yield market after the firm consolidated its position as an established loan trader in Europe, SC Lowy said.

“Hiring Hussein to launch our bond trading business in Europe is a decisive next step in our growth strategy,” Michel Lowy, chief executive and co-founder of SC Lowy, said.

“We believe that a niche player with specialist expertise, a flexible approach and strong balance sheet can succeed in an illiquid market in which regulatory reforms have forced the bulge brackets to retreat,” he added.

Nasser will be based in London. Prior to joining SC Lowy, he was head of European corporate credit trading at Nomura International in London. Before this, he served as a highyield trader at Lehman Brothers.

Traditional liquidity providers such as banks are pulling back from providing capital and risk in the high-yield market due to regulatory pressures, Nasser said in the statement. This has created a timely opportunity for those able to step in, he explained.

“Low rates help keep fund flows into the high-yield market healthy, providing a stable backdrop for issuance and secondary activity,” he said.

SC Lowy operates in primary issuance, secondary trading and advisory work focusing on loans, bonds, trade claims and special situations. In addition to Hong Kong and London, the firm has offices in New York, Seoul and Sydney.