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Brexit: Four taxing issues

With the UK Parliament’s vote on its deal to leave the European Union put off to January, firms still lack clarity on whether the UK will be applying upcoming tax rules. Ceinwen Rees, a partner at Macfarlanes, details the key tax issues firms need to keep in mind.

Breaking up is hard to do

A hard Brexit and its effects on trade give US LPs one more headache to worry about as their own country picks a trade fight with China. By Andrew Hedlund

Soft landing after a hard Brexit?

As Britain’s departure from the EU draws near, the prospect of a no-deal scenario looms. Can its impact on the private debt market be contained? Edward Targett reports Soft landing after a hard Brexit?

WATCH: Why this GP is pleased not to have UK exposure

The French market could stand to benefit from the UK’s troubles, Laurent Bénard of Capzanine claims at our Capital Structure Forum.

Capital Structure Forum: European growth to be driven by bank retrenchment

Continued pressure on banks, the development of the German market and the evolution of large funds were key issues raised.

DOWNLOAD: LPs fear hard Brexit in sentiment survey

Find out what LPs at PDI's recent New York Forum were thinking.

What the future may hold for lenders

With so many variables and potential outcomes, planning ahead is a challenge. Looking in its crystal ball, PDI ponders some of the headlines that might be on the horizon.

Brexit blues

UK SMEs fear finance difficulties.

AIMA calls for grandfathering provision in Brexit talks

A large number of potential issues face firms when the UK leaves the EU which could lead to chaos if not tackled.

Beyond Britain

Most parts of the UK private debt market have not yet been badly hit by Brexit, but caution about its prospects may encourage the creation of more rounded portfolios.

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