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Over the last year, numerous strategic relationships have been formed as US and European GPs look to expand into each other’s territory. We explore what is driving these tie-ups along with the practical challenges faced.
The relationship between private debt and insurance continues to evolve, with some high-profile partnerships having been formed over the past year – but tight regulation forces participants to tread carefully.
Big state-owned funds, once viewed as ‘deep pocketed, dumb money’, are making their mark in private credit.
In Europe and North America, lenders can only dream of the tight documentation available in Asia-Pacific. We examine a divide which, in some ways, the pandemic has accentuated.
The market may have balked, but the firm’s deal to buy its insurance affiliate makes plenty of sense.
Technology, innovation and the rise of the millennials are transforming commercial real estate. We explore opportunity and threats amid a global pandemic.
Revealing the process we undertook to decide what qualifies for inclusion.
The coronavirus crisis may not be as bountiful for Europe’s NPL investors as the GFC, but it will offer select opportunities.
For the decade or so that followed the GFC, private debt funds were able take advantage of bank retrenchment from corporate lending with little to hinder their progress. But with covid-19 taking a toll on some industries, have things finally taken a turn for the worse?
Low interest rates and policy interventions may translate into a slower but longer distressed cycle than has been seen in past crises. We examine the implications for fund managers and investors.

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