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UK pension funds are big, numerous and most are looking for the kind of superior returns that can be delivered by alternative asset classes such as private equity. Shouldn't there be more of them investing greater percentages of their capital in such alternatives therefore? Philip Borel looks at the reasons why this hasn't been happening and asks: are the fund trustees to blame?
Americas 2004-01-01 Staff Writer <strong>America<br> Monitor</strong><br> <sec level="2"><strong>Woman of action</strong><br> <bold>The outspoken and combative treasurer of Connecticut, Denise Nappier, has been at the center of a flurry of legal action
Europe 2004-01-01 Staff Writer <sec level="2"><strong><strong>Europe<br> Monitor</strong><br> </strong><sec level="2">Stretch that fund<br> <quotation><bold>Limited partners are increasingly keen to co-invest. What are the issues, and are
Gresham, the private equity firm focused on the UK mid-market, is pinning its faith on continued growth in consumer debt through a fresh investment in 1st Credit.
Terms in the partnership agreement governing Permira’s E5.1bn Europe III fund reflect private equity investors’ requirements to publicly disclose details of their participation in the asset class.
The struggling Belgian venture capital firm is in talks with an unnamed European secondaries buyer to realise its entire portfolio of unlisted investments.
The stock market crash and its aftermath brought into sharp focus the potential liabilities faced by private equity firms. But as they seek out the protection offered by insurance, they are finding the cost of cover can be prohibitive. Will Swarts reports.
Depending on who you talk to, Europe's high yield market is either still struggling or is set to grow into something far deeper and broader. Certainly this year's performance has caught the eye of numerous investors, and many practitioners can now talk about distinct facets to the market. But what will shape high yield's evolution? And what part will the private equity community play in this? Robin Burnett investigates.
Americas 2003-11-01 Staff Writer <strong>America<br> Monitor</strong><br> <sec level="2"><strong>Note to regulators: we're not hedge funds!</strong><br> <quotation><bold>Two recent regulatory moves in the US designed to rein in hedge funds have c
Europe 2003-11-01 Staff Writer <strong>Europe<br> Monitor</strong><br> <sec level="2"><strong>Called to account by IAS 27</strong><br> <quotation><bold>While general partners are focusing their minds on where the next deal is coming from or how t

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