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When one facility fits all

Umbrella fund finance can provide a simplified approach for managers with multiple strategies.

PDI 50: The movers and shakers

An analysis of the most successful fundraisers over the past five years shows which players are becoming dominant in private debt.

Uncorrelated returns: The holy grail

Frank Barbarino, senior investment officer at the Office of New York City Comptroller, offers insight on his organisation’s private debt strategy in conversation with PDI.

Why funds are reaching for a finance umbrella

Umbrella fund finance facilities can be a convenient and cost efficient option for managers with a number of strategies under one roof. Leon Stephenson and Alex Griffiths of law firm Reed Smith explain why.

LBOs under the microscope

On Fitch’s leveraged loan default watchlist, private equity-backed companies are well represented, but not beyond what one might expect.

GFC: “The fear was palpable”

In his own words, he was at the epicenter of the financial crisis. Waymond Harris, director of investments at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, reflects on what happened then – and why the next crisis will not be like the last one.

Alaska PFC: Ahead of the curve

Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation - a state-run investment vehicle that distributes dividends to all eligible residents - started investing in private credit before the financial crisis, and sees no reason to pull back now.

Echoes of the crisis

At a recent roundtable, talking points centred around market conditions and preparing for a change in circumstances.

2017 Awards: Time is short to get in touch!

The end of this week will see the end of the first phase of our awards process – you can still play a role.

ICG boosts AUM, looks to deploy dry powder

Intermediate Capital Group is preparing to deploy €5.2bn of capital into a competitive market.