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PDI 5th anniversary: Don’t expect a bank comeback

Panellists at our fifth anniversary celebration, hosted by Dechert, advised not to expect a loosening of regulation to unleash fierce competition from the banks.

Don’t go with the flow

In a competitive environment, it is incumbent on credit managers to ensure they can find quality dealflow and not just take what they’re given.

Under pressure

A new report predicts returns for direct lending will come down slightly over the next 10 years, but the asset class is still looking attractive on a relative basis.

Silver Point locks down over $500m for distressed companies

The firm’s previous distressed vehicle had the capacity to do both debt and equity.

Swiss banks create platform for private credit, equity and real estate

A trio of Swiss private banks have launched Hermance to access alternative assets.

Unitranche on the up down under

Australia is beginning to follow the US and Europe in their embrace of the unitranche structure.

New dawn for mezzanine

Senior debt has claimed the fundraising limelight, but junior capital is still popular and mezzanine may be set for a comeback.

Waiting in the wings

Last year saw slim pickings for distressed debt investors circling Europe. But there are signs that 2018 may be different.

The transfer of intellectual horsepower

Many direct lending veterans have switched from the banks to the funds. But are the old heads wise enough to avoid the mistakes of the past?

The safe option

With stock markets fluctuating wildly, private sources of capital may be favoured by healthcare companies – bringing further growth to the nascent debt financing segment.