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Erfurt, Germany
Gifford West of non-performing loan advisory firm Alpine Tremont says the pandemic’s impact on consumer behaviour means a wave of real estate loan defaults is inevitable.
An uneven recovery may lead to a divergence in sector-specific NPL ratios.
The fund manager is drawing close to its fund target and expects to hold a formal fourth close in early December.
The fund is set to be the firm’s largest vehicle to date and will target consumer NPLs.
The coronavirus crisis may not be as bountiful for Europe’s NPL investors as the GFC, but it will offer select opportunities.
The global financial crisis saw the largest-ever sell-off of non-performing loans. The covid-related disruption may not be as bountiful for NPL investors, but it will offer select opportunities.
The London-based asset manager believes dislocation driven by covid-19 will create NPL opportunities.
Banks had still not fully dealt with the fallout from the GFC before the latest crisis came along. The pile of NPL stock is now set to grow much bigger, says Zach Lewy of Arrow Global.
The deal will give the fund manager a larger presence in the NPL servicing market in Italy.
The non-performing loan tinder box has been set alight again, according to Adrian Cloake of LCM Partners.

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