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Report: Bain credit arm set to move Europe HQ to Dublin

The switch from London to Dublin will see the Bain brand extended into Ireland.

NPL sell-off won’t solve bank problems, MEPs told

Forcing banks to sell off their NPLs could worsen their profitability woes, MEPs have been told.

Commission warns ECB on NPL crackdown

European Central Bank plans to tighten up non-performing loan rules could be rolled back due to fears of a fire sale.

Liberbank sells €602m NPL portfolio

The Spanish bank has passed on the mainly residential portfolio to Bain Capital and Oceanwood.

Portuguese NPL sales set to accelerate

The heat is on from regulators and politicians to whittle down the country’s NPL mountain.

Analysis: China feeling little distress

Although billion-dollar-plus NPL deals may be common in Europe, China’s market offers fewer big ticket opportunities for international investors.

China’s NPL market not feeling the distress

Although billion dollar-plus NPL deals may be fairly common in Europe, China’s market offers fewer big ticket opportunities for international investors.

Secondary NPL market proposal receives mixed response

The EC has proposed establishing extra-judicial measures to collect collateral to help deal with Europe’s NPL mountain, but not all are convinced this is the solution to kick-starting the much anticipated sell off of toxic assets.

Bain acquires €385m NPL portfolio

Bain continues to expand its footprint in Southern Europe, despite a slower than expected start to the NPL sell off in the first half of this year.

LCM acquires UK NPL portfolio

The transaction follows a similar recent deal from the firm.