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Why pension confidence in Europe is frayed

Europe’s pension plans see a big future for alternative credit, but faith is weak in their home region and strategies are being revised as a result.

PDI 50: Where the capital comes from

As more capital floods into private debt than ever before, Christian Allgeier of First Avenue looks at the reasons behind the increase in LP appetite for the asset class and the new areas of investment.

Why Korea is fertile ground for those seeking new LPs

Winning trust is not easy, but the country’s investors are being won round to private debt by those GPs willing to do the spadework.

There are bargains to be had in private debt

Fees charged by managers have been falling steadily, but LPs hoping to strike even tougher deals may be in luck.

Distress could help funds take another slice of the banking pie

The next downturn could bring opportunities for the private debt universe to expand, as the traditional finance providers offload portfolios.

ESG gets the green light

As private debt continues to diversify beyond its roots in private equity, managers are taking on more responsibility – including for ESG issues.

AFFE: An alphabet soup that has spelled failure

A US regulation aimed at providing investors greater clarity has resulted in a less engaged BDC shareholder base. Moves to spark change are afoot.

What happens when private equity deals dry up?

Larger private debt managers have never had it so good, but possible over-reliance on the PE market may leave some regretting their neglect of the non-sponsored opportunity.

Time to join the march of the robots

Private debt managers need to accelerate their take-up of new technologies to avoid becoming yesterday’s news.

A bit of stress would do no harm

If the cycle is about to turn, it would not come as an unwelcome development to some investors.

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