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Why distressed funds are being locked out

Borrowers are increasingly able to dictate their terms of engagement – and this includes who loans are assigned to.

Diversity matters

The fact that workplace diversity played a role in Chicago Teachers’ recent $50m infrastructure allocation underlines how important the issue is becoming to LPs.

Breaking down borders

European private debt is fast-growing but confined to a few key markets. A deal announced this week is the kind of initiative that should boost the late developers.

Back office blues

As the private debt asset class continues to grow fast, it is struggling to ensure that administrative aspects keep pace.

End of the pain in Spain

Investors should take a second look at the country as entrepreneurs seek finance for growth.

WATCH: ‘Senior leverage has been so high’ says S&P

This means there is less for investors in a post-default recovery, according to this analysis of market conditions from two senior S&P professionals.

Diving into the pool

Some London pension funds have decided to move into the private debt fast lane. There are risks, but they’re right to do so.

The multi-speed approach to beating the cycle

Rather than piling into distressed strategies based on a hunch about the cycle turning, LPs may be better off diversifying by type of manager.

Watch out for the rates tsunami

The leveraged loan boom has been partly fuelled by the central bank-driven low interest rate environment. What happens when the tide turns?

A dull pitch makes sense in a dangerous world

Volatility is rocking the globe, which means private debt’s safe and steady message should win fans among LPs.

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