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The last year has seen an increasing number of partnerships formed between GPs and insurance firms. There are compelling reasons behind the trend.
Much as renewables are driving sector-focused equity fundraising, the same movement is being seen on the debt side, with digital infra potentially not far behind.
There’s a big new name in a relatively small part of the private debt universe. Investors will take note.
The region is attracting stronger interest, but a weak fundraising environment is proving a hindrance to private debt’s progress.
They have gradually been making their presence felt, and many feel SWFs will soon become more ambitious when it comes to private debt.
Operating remotely is encouraging investors to play it safe by backing brand-name managers, but niche managers may yet fight back with more sophisticated pitches.
Panellists at our Investor Day predicted a bright future for the asset class, but there was a word of warning for US managers to up their game on ESG.
Western and Eastern private debt deals have little in common when it comes to how borrowers and lenders are treated.
Changes brought about by the pandemic have encouraged investors to rethink their relationship with private debt, with tailored solutions a high priority.
The ease with which capital could leak out of businesses was symbolic of borrower power in deal negotiations. A more challenging environment has put this in a harsher spotlight.

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