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There are no signs yet of investors putting caution to one side, but a change in sentiment may not be far off.
Those businesses that have emerged from the pandemic in the best shape may have particular financing requirements. Lenders are taking note.
Private debt managers have made considerable progress but, particularly in North America, there is more to be done.
Once considered a niche by both infra and private debt investors, infra debt has become an important part of how LPs allocate.
With capital raising favouring the larger managers, regional expansion from the US to Europe is increasingly being considered.
The use of a historic benchmark is coming to an end, but smaller banks argue its proposed replacement doesn’t meet their needs.
Private debt managers keen to attract insurance capital always need to keep a close eye on regulation, but few are likely to be put off by the demands.
Aided by support schemes, many businesses have been protected from the worst effects of the pandemic. But what happens when this boost comes to an end?
Distressed debt can be an ‘all or nothing’ strategy. Get it right and rich rewards await; get it wrong and you may have unhappy investors.
The last year has seen an increasing number of partnerships formed between GPs and insurance firms. There are compelling reasons behind the trend.

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