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Aircraft leasing: Waiting for take-off

As the airline travel industry continues to grow, there is potentially more opportunity in aircraft leasing. However, there are risk factors to be considered.

New GSO BDC prepares for take-off in second quarter

The credit investing behemoth ceased providing investment advice to the FS BDCs earlier this month, but the firm believes it will replace that capital within the next few years.

Retail: Left on the shelf

Retail blowouts are hitting the headlines, but many of the problems date from before the global financial crisis.

Making an impact

A groundbreaking study reveals the scale of private debt impact investing, as well as its low volatility, lack of write-offs and diversification possibilities.

India: Capitalising on the trend to lend

India has a growing population of young entrepreneurs for whom banks are no longer the only providers of finance. Vik Mehrotra of Venus Capital discusses the rise of alternative lenders.

WATCH: Why 12-15% return doesn’t seem right

Funds may be doing direct lending deals they are not comfortable with to try to achieve high returns. Andrew Jackson of Hermes urges caution in this two-minute video.

A dull pitch makes sense in a dangerous world

Volatility is rocking the globe, which means private debt’s safe and steady message should win fans among LPs.

Direct lending posted 9% gross return for 2017: Cliffwater index

The industry benchmark showed an almost 10% gross return for the strategy since September 2004.

FS and KKR BDC partnership: Portfolio churn fears and discounts

The new arrangement is all but complete, with the shareholders of all requisite BDCs signing off on the marriage. An upside in their stock price, however, has been outweighed by other factors.

German bank lending will ‘likely end badly’

The cheap capital being offered by traditional financiers in the country will harm them in the long run, according to views expressed at a Certior Capital roundtable.

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