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The fundraising is the largest in Indian private credit so far this year.
Lenders are challenged as borrowers face higher bills once the holiday ends.
Andrew Lockhart of Metrics Credit Partners and Kelly Morton of Skye Capital Advisory discuss what's happened to portfolio companies and deal pipelines since the March meltdown, and what the implications are of public relief funds for mid-market lenders.
The investment unit is building its credit exposure to the Asia-Pacific region by deploying proprietary capital and expanding staff numbers.
The credit manager is being supported by LP re-ups as it returns to fundraising mode despite challenging conditions amid the pandemic.
BlackRock’s head of Asian Credit, Neeraj Seth, tells PDI why he expects financing gaps to accelerate in parts of Asia.
Metrics Credit Partners’ managing partner Andrew Lockhart tells PDI what direct lenders are doing now to minimise the covid-19 fallout in investment portfolios.
The firm returned a gross of almost 9% on performing credit in the previous 12 months, but posted a loss of more than 9% in distressed debt over the same timeframe.
The vehicle, which is expected to be on the road slightly more than six months, offers a tiered fee structure allowing LPs that commit by year end to get the lowest charges.
The Indian firm is planning to launch a bigger fund with a broader investment scope.

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