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While the eyes of many are on loan documentation, Nicole Downer of MV Credit says the focus should be elsewhere, including fostering solid relationships with sponsors
The pandemic has put loan terms and documents in the limelight as markets keep an eye on how lenders manage their portfolios during the crisis.
An SEC settlement resulted in $1m penalty for Ares Management.
Compliance staff failed to comply with policies and procedures designed to prevent misuse of information
Looking to set up your next fund further away from home? A fund domicile expert shares some insight on the latest in cross-border private equity funds.
The industry organisation is circulating a draft proposal recommending a host of disclosures on GPs’ use of subscription credit lines, with an eye to helping LPs manage exposure to the lines, allocation to PE and overall liquidity.
France’s trust structure has proved its potential for risk mitigation in the higher risk-return part of the credit spectrum, and its potential for more vanilla or investment-grade financing is becoming clear. Benjamin Raillard of Solutions Fiducie explains
Private equity firms and their lawyers argue that loosening the restricted payments covenant is necessary to ensure their interests match those of the borrower by keeping the sponsored company in financial good health. But it’s a controversial development, finds David Turner
In February, Blackstone’s Jon Gray explained why it is time to respond to private investment’s naysayers with a targeted campaign of facts about the sector’s non-financial efforts.

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