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Real estate’s ebb and flow

The past two years have been turbulent for real estate debt fundraising.

London calling

UK and US fund managers are dominant forces in European private debt but Brexit may shift the balance of power.

Senior surges

A shift towards senior debt could indicate that the credit cycle is turning.

Debt in the Med

Southern Europe’s private debt market remains small, but growing dealflow bodes well for the future.

Expanding Europe

Europe is seeing record funds committed to private debt, but much of the capital still hails from outside of the continent.

A year is a long time in private debt

Comparing audience views at the PDI Capital Structure Forum since last year reveals some interesting trends.

PDI 50: The movers and shakers

An analysis of the most successful fundraisers over the past five years shows which players are becoming dominant in private debt.

What can the US teach us about European mezzanine?

US and European mezzanine have had a divergent past through the rough seas of the last financial crisis, but could recent convergence point to a new phase for Europe?

Lenders struggle in equity-heavy UK market – De Montfort

As equity financing takes centre stage, loan originations in the UK have taken a dip in the first half of this year.

On the proliferation of cov-lite loans

Leverage levels are creeping up to 2007 levels, but this time around there’s an added factor – the continued loosening of covenants. Should lenders be worried?