Tikehau aims to double AUM by 2020

The firm will look to reach out to investors beyond Europe, with those in North America and Asia being looked at.

Tikehau Capital is looking to roughly double its assets under management by 2020. The goal was laid out in the firm’s 2016 earnings report.

Tikehau has approximately €10 billion in assets under management at present. By 2020, the firm is hoping this will stand at €20 billion, according to the earnings report.

Approximately half of the firm’s managed assets are contained in private debt vehicles. They account for €4.9 billion, or 49 percent of total assets under management.

The firm’s remaining assets under management consist of €1.8 billion in real estate, €1.4 billion in private equity strategies and €1.9 billion in liquid offerings.

Mathieu Chabran, co-founder of Tikehau, told PDI the firm is looking to increase its assets across all of these asset classes. One way of pursuing this is by broadening the firm’s investor base beyond Europe, looking towards North America and Asia, he added.

The earnings report also notes steps the firm has taken to stimulate its growth. Among these are the unifying of the firm’s business structure, creating a single entity. Tikehau has also seen capital increases, both in cash and resulting from the early conversion of convertible bonds, over the last 12 months.

Additionally, the firm listed on the Euronext exchange earlier this month. Tikehau said a focus on accelerating the growth of the business was behind the public listing.