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Understanding Private Real Estate

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Publication date:
01 July 2012
No. of pages:

Understanding Private Real Estate gives all practitioners in private real estate a unique 360-degree view of how the asset class works and why. It covers the entire lifecycle of a fund and its underlying assets, from structuring the fund and raising the capital, right through to exiting investments in funds.

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 An expert introduction to the fund and asset lifecycles

PERE’s brand new publication Understanding Private Real Estate is written by leading experts in the industry and gives all practitioners in private real estate a unique 360-degree view of how the asset class works and why.

The publication will help you to develop a clear understanding of the mechanics and processes involved at each key stage in the fund and asset lifecycles including: raising a private real estate fund and successfully sourcing capital from investors; methods employed to value real estate assets and how to exit an investment and wind down a fund.

In addition to the ten thematic chapters written by leading industry practitioners, there is an extensive Glossary allowing quick access to the industry-specific terminology used throughout the publication.

This publication if designed for:

  • New entrants to the asset class seeking a comprehensive introduction to accompany formal training programmes
  • Junior-level practitioners wanting to expand their knowledge and understanding of the asset class and enhance career prospects  
  • Senior and experienced practitioners across all alternative asset classes looking to refresh their knowledge of private real estate or wanting to acquire a valuable training resource for their team
  • Practitioners highly specialised in one area of real estate wishing to obtain a comprehensive understanding of all key stages in the fund and asset lifecycles

This title will help you to:

  • Optimise your firm’s investment management by incorporating leading investment styles and risk management
  • Successfully source capital from investors and raise a private real estate fund
  • Understand how to structure the capital stack to engage investor appetite and which finance methods sponsors prefer
  • Learn what information to request from fund managers during due diligence exercises
  • Acquire insight into the process and methodology of valuing real estate assets
  • Prepare to exit an investment by highlighting strategies and processes involved at the end of the investment cycle
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