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The Global Guide to Private Debt

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Publication date:
19 January 2017
No. of pages:

Private Debt Investor's The Global Guide to Private Debt, edited by EPIC Private Equity, is the most comprehensive and detailed publication on the private debt market available today, bringing together the latest views and opinions of 19 of the world’s leading practitioners.

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The practitioner’s handbook to navigating the asset class

The book includes insights from institutional investors in order to better understand LPs’ assessments of private debt, along with analysis from two leading law firms on the most pertinent legal aspects concerning the private debt market.

The Global Guide to Private Debt also features results from Private Debt Investor’s annual LP survey which reveals data and insights into where the industry may be heading in the months and years ahead.
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Sections include:

LP Perspectives:
Seven institutions describe how they are allocating their capital and what they see as the leading strategies within the private debt market.

GP Perspectives:
Six GPs discuss their debt strategies in the US, Asia, Europe. It additionally includes chapters on the real estate debt market and venture debt.

Legal Perspectives:
Two law firms specialising in advising debt managers in the US and Europe give their view on the pertinent issues for a GP about to embark on a fundraising.

Bank Perspective:
A look at how banks and private debt funds are co-existing in today’s market.

Other sections include currency hedging and an empirical study of private debt performance. Finally, PDI’s Second LP Survey provides insights into where the industry may be heading in the months and years ahead.


 The book will help fund managers:

  • Understand how LPs are constructing private debt allocations within their portfolios
  • Determine how best to structure the legal, taxation and financial terms of a private debt fund
  • Anticipate which strategies are likely to attract the most interest from LPs

This guide illustrates and explains:
  • How to mitigate currency risk in a private debt fund
  • Opportunities profiled and segmented by geography and strategy
  • Strategy development for both the first time and experienced investor 



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