About Private Debt Investor

Private Debt Investor is the publication of record for the world’s private credit markets. It is written expressly for the providers and users of debt for private assets. The publication tracks the institutions, the funds and the transactions shaping the private debt markets. Our online news coverage delivers fresh reporting on the firms, the people and the deals that are driving this community. Our monthly magazine is published ten times a year and examines the trends and themes that are defining the industry as a market, as an asset class and as a form of capital that matters globally.

Private Debt Investor is relevant to all participants in a contemporary capital structure: including the various types of debt funds originating and acquiring debt; the banks; the mezzanine providers and the institutional investors who are participating in debt financings directly. It serves as one, dedicated intelligence source to all those tasked with restructuring existing or originating new debt funding for private assets – including private equity, private real estate and private infrastructure fund managers. At the same time, investors read us to acquire a deeper understanding of how and why private debt can fit into their allocation models, and how and why they can participate either directly or indirectly in such financings.

Our industry awards, determined annually by way of a unique reader poll, aim to recognise the contributions of both groups to the development of private debt as an asset class. Private Debt Investor is the hosting publication of a growing portfolio of industry conferences and seminars we organise, and the brand behind a list of specialist book titles.

About our publisher

Private Debt Investor is published by PEI, the only global B2B information group focused exclusively on private equity, private real estate, private debt, infrastructure and agri investing. As these asset classes continue to grow in scale and significance – for investors, fund managers, financial practitioners and other service industries globally – PEI is positioned to provide unparalleled business knowledge and intelligence to these communities.

Formed in London in November 2001, PEI publishes globally recognised magazines and news websites, manages an extensive set of databases dedicated to alternative assets, runs more than 50 market-leading conferences globally and publishes a large library of specialist books.

We are the leading specialist information group dedicated to alternative assets.

For more information visit: www.pei.group.