Distressed debt firms will be hoping to win big in our awards, which were launched this week. But some warn that LPs could lose out if the opportunity set is delayed much longer.
Yes, it’s upon us again. Take the opportunity to choose the best-in-class in 47 different categories, reflecting a broad spectrum of private debt activity.
Responsible investing goes to the heart of the single most important metric in the debt industry: risk.
Private debt fundraising is tough going, and it’s being made even tougher by European LPs wary of committing to new funds on a virtual basis.
More than three-quarters of North American LPs can virtually underwrite a fund without a meeting, while only a fifth of European and Asia-Pacific LPs can do so, a survey finds.
Participants at our latest event discussed the broad outlook for the asset class, the allure of Asia-Pacific, changing terms and conditions, and caution over distressed debt.
La Mexicana Park in Santa Fe Mexico City
CIO Bob Jacksha declined to confirm whether or not the decision was due to Vista founder Robert Smith's recent non-prosecution agreement with the federal government.
It’s the final week as we approach the deadline for submitting highlights of the year. Make sure you act fast.
In the wake of the health crisis, LPs have favoured the managers they know best when it comes to fundraising. Newcomers face a struggle but may be assisted by co-investments and changes to protocols.
Florida alligator
Staff at the $207.8bn system have said that distressed debt opportunities following the covid crisis could be unprecedented.

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