Inflation and Private Debt

‘Do we still have structural protections in the face of inflation?’

In our latest video on the topic, we discover that Emmanuel Deblanc of Allianz Global Investors has high hopes for the ability of private markets firms to make the adaptations needed to accommodate changing circumstances.

Asian capital is ‘really, really worried about inflation’

The topic is top of mind for the region’s investors and has raised concerns that property markets abroad may have become too expensive.

VIDEO: ‘Entrenched inflationary expectation is the risk’

Central banks are concerned that the fear of inflation - rather than the reality of it - may be creating an unecessarily challenging environment. We speak with ICG's economic expert Nick Brooks.

PODCAST: How private debt has weathered the uncertainty around inflation

The economic bounce-back from covid came quickly, says Randy Schwimmer of Churchill Asset Management, which caused inflation to be on everyone's minds.

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Private debt has operated in a largely low inflation, low interest rate environment for most of its relatively brief history. But — whether temporarily or structurally — things appear to be changing. Will this be a net positive or net negative for the asset class? On this page you’ll be able to piece together the clues as we dive into the topic through features, analysis, podcasts and more besides.




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