Deloitte: Deal value spikes in Q1 2017

The amount of capital committed to closed deals in Europe during Q1 2017 rose substantially compared with the same period last year.

 The value of closed private debt deals in Europe in Q1 2017 rose to almost double the value for the same period the year prior, according to Deloitte’s latest quarterly Alternative Lender Deal Tracker study.

Closed deals in Q1 2017 accounted for $9.1 billion in capital invested. In Q1 2016, the industry put $5.4 billion to work, the study notes.

Deloitte chart

The volume of deals is also on the up. During the quarter, 79 deals were completed, a 7 percent increase from the same period last year.

Also worth noting is that the rest of Europe is closing the gap on the UK in terms of deal origination. According to the study, 60 percent of deals closed were outside the UK. The UK still contributed the most deals overall, however, with 30 closing in the country.

The increasing size of funds being raised may help to explain the increase in capital invested. Deloitte’s study notes the likes of Hayfin and Alcentra raised multi-billion offerings during the quarter. The two firms pulled in €3.5 billion and €2.2 billion, respectively.