Fundraising down at half time – updated

Fundraising has fallen since 2017, but 2018 could still be an exceptional year.

Fundraising activity in H1 2018 is down compared with 2017, though this is against the backdrop of an exceptional year.

Looking at fundraising figures for H1s since 2012 it seems clear that 2017 was a truly exceptional year, with a huge $50.7 billion raised globally. By contrast, the first half of 2018 raised $20.23 billion.

However, this year is still well ahead of any previous H1, the nearest being H1 2012 when $18.5 billion was raised. It is also ahead of the $15.42 billion raised in the second half of 2017.

With the second half of the year usually seeing more fundraising activity during the period shown, there is a chance that 2018 could still see very high fundraising activity. Get the all the insight on fundraising in our interactive H1 2018 Fundraising Report.

Editor’s note: The data has been updated to reflect total private debt fundraising. An earlier iteration of this chart showed just distressed debt data.