PDI Awards 2020: The clock is ticking

It’s the final week as we approach the deadline for submitting highlights of the year. Make sure you act fast.

Having opened up submissions for Private Debt Investor’s annual awards some time ago, we are still hungry for more.

Our awards remain the only honours in the industry decided solely by the industry. After a very successful edition last year, with many thousands of votes cast, we are hoping for an even bigger 2020, with 48 categories now open to submissions.

So if you haven’t already, the first thing you should do is click here to submit your firm’s achievements in 2020 so far – the deadline is a fast-approaching: Friday 13 November.

We are often asked how long we would like the submissions to be, to which the answer is: please keep them brief. We often receive literary epics, running to thousands of words – and our first thought is how much time must have been spent composing them, and the second is that we probably won’t have time to read them. So, please keep your highlights concise – it will be much appreciated, and this is the reason our form is not complex.

When making your submission, please make clear the category or categories you would like to be considered for. Many thanks and the best of luck.