February 2015 Issue

    Month: February
    Year: 2015

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    Energy: opportunity and exposure

    Leading distressed investment figures are eyeing energy, while there’s a deafening silence from BDCs and other mid-market lenders with significant energy exposure. Anastasia Donde surveys the impact of sub-$50 oil.

    Securitisation: Back to the future

    Financially engineered and repackaged loans were blamed for the financial chaos of 2008. Could all be forgiven? Rachel McGovern examines this possibility in the form of a new partnership between a US hedge fund and a UK-based marketplace lender.

    Making the case for Europe

    Several bodies have been working hard to help a distinct European private placement market emerge. But with an existing global market available, Rachel McGovern examines whether a regional approach is a runner.

    Termsheet: Betting on expertise

    Construction finance, always risky, is even riskier without signed leases for new commercial space. Anastasia Donde examines how alternative lender, Madison Realty Capital, got comfortable with a hotel gamble in New York’s trendy Williamsburg.   

    Capital Talk: Babson Capital

    In 2013, Babson Capital began positioning to scale up their over 20 year-old private credit offering. For Babson Global Private Finance CEO Eric Lloyd, 2015 is the year the firm will find out if the pieces of the puzzle fit together.