May 2015 Issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2015

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    The Last Word: Prudential Capital

    Prudential Capital Group's Ric Abel discusses his new role focusing on mezzanine and equity power investments. Prudential Capital is the private debt investment arm of Prudential Investment Management, which manages the assets of the insurer.

    Absent energy, junk defaults look unlikely

    With exceptionally benign conditions, analysts foresee little distress in the high-yield bond market beyond the troubled oil and gas sector. Claire Coe Smith reports.

    Safety in numbers?

    With 2,500 attendees at the third annual Lendit USA event, the online lending industry has reached a pivotal point. Already the leading participants are thinking about sustainability and risk, Anastasia Donde finds.

    Decoding special situations in Asia

    While not a traditional special sits market, there is massive opportunity in Asia. SSG Capital Management takes us through the origins and the skills necessary to take advantage of this growing market.

    Europe turns to non-bank lending for growth

    The European Commission is launching an investment plan and hoping to tap the support of non-bank lenders in its search for growth, Anna Devine finds.

    News analysis: Win-win?

    In March, Blackstone credit arm GSO Capital Partners, and Italy’s Intesa Sanpaolo became the latest lenders to agree a partnership. Rachel McGovern delves into the workings.

    Termsheet: Towergate – ‘too much debt, and that’s a fact’

    The UK insurer and brokerage house restructured its debt in February. Rachel McGovern examines the deal and asks ‘why now’?

    Pensions make beeline for private debt

    Pension fund managers in the UK are increasingly allocating to private debt but they are aware of the risks and are not willing to jump in blind. Anna Devine examines.

    Capital Talk: ICG

    ICG has added a lot of strings to its bow over the last few years. Rachel McGovern asks the firm about its future plans and the wider credit markets.