July / August 2015 Issue

    Month: July
    Year: 2015

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    Feature: This season’s colour – evergreen

    Permanent capital is on the rise. But when combined with a public listing, the underlying mismatch cannot be ignored, finds Rachel McGovern.

    Feature: A deal for every fund, or a fund for every deal?

    Credit funds and mezzanine houses raising direct lending funds must be careful that their own investment strategies do not dictate how the direct lending fund invests its money, finds Josie Shillito.

    Integrated Asset Management: The strength of experience

    Due diligence and a strong credit culture are what Integrated Asset Management will rely on for its new senior infrastructure debt strategy.

    ICG profile: Opportunity and ambition

    The last couple of years have given ICG the opportunity to demonstrate that it has the ability to execute on its ambitions. But it’s not all about the US and Europe - the firm’s Asia-Pacific business has ambitions of its own.

    To market, or not to market? Trends in EU fundraising

    With new regulation comes uncertainty, especially when the rules are applied in different ways across 28 member states. Owen Lysak, a senior associate at law firm Clifford Chance, examines the impact of AIFMD on fund marketing by managers.

    GE Antares & CPPIB: Taken by surprise

    As the GE Capital sell-off rolls on, the news continues to surprise. One particularly interesting wild card among the sale of GE Antares to CPPIB is the fate of its SSLP partnership with Ares. Anastasia Donde reports.

    PDI Germany Event: Furtive signs that private debt is taking root

    German interest in private debt is high but there are still challenges, not least the negative impression created by the label ‘shadow banking’. Anna Devine reports from PDI’s first event in Germany.

    The Last Word: To Do List

    CIFC’s Julian Weldon is busy with CLO risk retention, Europe, mid-market loans and distressed opportunities.

    CLO Originators: Skin in the game for sale

    CLO managers are searching for ways to allow third parties to help finance risk retention. Anna Devine reports.