October 2015 Issue

    Month: October
    Year: 2015

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    SMAs: A custom fit

    More and more investors are pursuing separately managed accounts with big brand private debt managers. But while the flexibility they offer is welcome, these accounts require strong governance. Anna Devine reports

    The last word: Worth it in the end

    Mercer’s Sanjay Mistry and Tobias Ripka explain how private debt fits in an institutional portfolio and the benefits private debt exposure offers investors. Anna Devine reports.

    Acis Group: Safe as houses

    The credit crunch changed how UK housing associations financed themselves. Rachel McGovern profiles how one such borrower, Acis Group, finances itself and discovers that the alternative lending trend could be in reverse

    Capital Talk: Breaking with the consensus

    Proventus Capital Partners was an early adopter of private debt in Europe. The firm’s track record is seeing it win deals across both its home territory and the rest of Europe, Daniel Sachs tells Anna Devine

    Sponsorless roundtable: The biggest opportunity of all

    Lending to companies without a private equity sponsor bears some resemblance to skydiving – the vast open space is impressive but without a sponsor, are lenders forgetting their parachute? Rachel McGovern gathers a group of managers, investors and advisors to discuss the pros and cons of taking the leap

    Sub-Saharan Africa: Rising risks, rising attraction

    From taper tantrums to fluctuating commodity prices, growth in Africa faces a number of challenges. Rachel McGovern discusses the risks and opportunities with managers and investors still betting on a region many find intimidating

    Dechert: Look before you leap – domicile decisions

    Dechert’s global funds practice helps private debt managers establish funds in all of the major jurisdictions. Gus Black considers some of the factors influencing domicile choice

    A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work

    Investors are willing to pay for performance, writes Britt Erica Tunick, but that doesn’t mean the push to align interests via fees is at an end

    Babson Capital: Opportunity knocks

    Terry Harris, head of portfolio management for Babson's Global Private Finance Group, explains how the global firm is finding value in directly originated private loans

    US lenders team up

    Joint ventures are proliferating among US lenders. Anastasia Donde explores why they are saying ‘I do’  

    Termsheet: Bigger fish

    Ares Capital landed its largest deal ever with the help of old private equity friends and about 30 other lenders, writes Anastasia Donde