April 2016 Issue

    Month: April
    Year: 2016

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    Franklin Square and GSO: The power couple

    Franklin Square and GSO Capital Partners have the oldest and largest BDC relationship. But who really calls the shots?

    Caesars Entertainment: Playing the blame game

    The long-anticipated examiner’s report on Caesars says valuable assets were spun off to benefit its equity holders. But it has not brought an end to hostilities.

    What next for China's real estate ambitions in Europe?

    A nervous real estate industry is wondering if fate of London’s Heron Tower is a harbinger of an uncertain future.

    Comment: The Battle of Britain

    For politicians, taxpayers and finance providers alike, the biggest issue facing the UK today is the Brexit vote in June.

    European mid-market LBOs

    Worries over China, Brexit and a Trump presidency are all weighing on mid-market private equity dealflow this year, but what happens if the handbrake comes off.

    Keynote Interview: ICG-Longbow

    It has made significant progress over the past five years building its business which now covers three strategies. But ICG-Longbow is by no means done yet, Martin Wheeler tells PDI.

    Structured finance: Asset-backed lending

    Asset-backed lending is the Cadillac of senior secured debt and both borrowers and lenders are waking up to its attractions.

    Structured finance: Introduction

    Structured credit offers some of the most complex instruments, but the key to success remains credit fundamentals.

    Structured finance: Long-lease assets

    M&G has launched the first European fund to offer inflation-linked protection.

    Structured finance: Phantom of the Opera

    The portfolio which once secured Europe’s first defaulted CMBS has been given a fresh lease of life thanks to a new capital structure.

    Structured finance: The last word

    Xavier de Nazelle, EFA’s head of corporate and asset-based finance, talks about his firm’s new strategy and how investors are responding to it.

    Structured finance: Alcentra

    Alcentra’s global head of structured credit Hiram Hamilton answers questions about opportunities in CLOs, and why the US market is materially underperforming.

    Structured finance: Sanne

    Martin Schnaier, head of Sanne's private debt and capital markets, and Conor Blake, a senior director in the division, share their experiences about structured finance trends.