November 2016 Issue

    Month: November
    Year: 2016

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    Capital talk: Monroe Capital reaches out

    Fund manager Monroe Capital spreads itself far and wide in the quest to build relationships with small to mid-sized companies. With a new fund freshly raised, PDI talks to its senior leadership to find out more about the firm’s origination efforts and how it runs the rule over prospective investments.

    Roundtable: How BDCs are evolving

    PDI sat down with five business development company experts to discuss key developments in an industry that is constantly evolving.

    Marketplace lending: Widening the pool

    The growing success of marketplace lending is capturing the attention of institutional investors and the regulators. 

    Marketplace lending: The regulatory patchwork

    Marketplace lending is growing rapidly and regulators are attempting to keep up, but in Europe there is little consensus on which route to take next.

    Senior debt: Reasons to love the dentist

    Senior debt is not the most glamorous of strategies, but in today’s environment investors are keen to grab a slice of the (predictable) action.

    Debating debt: Beneath the surface at PDI New York

    In New York, Hong Kong and Osaka, private debt leaders have been wrestling with some weighty issues. PDI was at three conferences taking the industry’s pulse.

    Debating debt: Optimism at MIPIM Japan

    Investor nerves may have been rattled by the UK’s vote to leave the EU, but delegates at MIPIM Japan say they are being settled closer to home.

    The last word: Benoit Durteste of ICG

    Benoît Durteste, executive director and head of European investments at ICG, discusses current market conditions and why national shocks will not eliminate investors’ appetite for yield.

    Debating debt: Concerns at PDI Asia Forum

    Delegates at PDI’s Asia Forum were hoping for a bigger slice of global private debt allocations, but concerns over the region are never too far away.

    Expert commentary: Atalaya Capital Management

    Both the size and achievements of the marketplace lending industry should be placed in perspective, argues Ivan Zinn of Atalaya Capital Management.