March 2018 Issue

    German banks can’t hold back the tide

    Debt funds made a huge impact in the country last year and their advance is unlikely to be reversed. By Andy Thomson

    The dog ate my homework

    Managers continually profess they always protect their downside risk. But with time pressure increasing, is due diligence being compromised, asks Andrew Hedlund

    BNP’s €1bn private debt play

    The French banking group has joined Europe’s credit fundraising frenzy, writes Alicia Villegas

    The merits of the mid-market

    There are still pockets of opportunity in this late stage of the cycle – and direct lending in the mid-market is one of the most attractive, writes Clark Coffee, head of Tyndaris Real Estate

    Down but not out

    Senior debt has claimed the fundraising limelight, but junior capital is still popular and mezzanine may be set for a comeback. Claire Coe Smith reports

    Does wisdom come with experience?

    Many direct lending veterans have switched from banks to funds, writes David Turner. But are the old heads wise enough to avoid the mistakes of the past?

    Waiting in the wings

    Distressed debt investors circling Europe saw slim pickings in 2017. But Vicky Meek detects signs that this year may be different

    The long and the short of it

    More Asian investors are committing to US collateralised debt obligations, despite the issue of mismatched durations, says Oliver Wriedt of CIFC

    How to avoid the pain

    Changes in the ways healthcare is delivered, along with political and regulatory considerations, present pitfalls for healthcare investing. Adam Willis, head of healthcare, and Tim Wentink, managing director in Madison Capital Funding’s healthcare team, consider how to operate successfully

    Choosing the healthy option

    With stock markets fluctuating wildly, private sources of capital may be favoured by healthcare companies – bringing further growth to the nascent debt financing segment. Andy Thomson reports

    The art of healthy investing

    From technology to public policy, healthcare has been rapidly changing in recent years, which has influenced deal activity and the way private equity and private credit firms invest in the sector. Stuart Smartt of NXT Capital discusses investing in the one of the largest sectors of the US economy

    Unitranche pointing up Down Under

    Australia is beginning to follow the US and Europe by embracing the structure. Adalla Kim explores why

    The Brexit effect

    When it comes to structuring funds and investor strategy, the consequences of the UK’s vote to leave the EU are starting to become apparent. Samuel Brooks of Macfarlanes explores the key issues

    PDI annual awards 2017: Asia winners

    The winners and runners-up to the PDI annual awards 2017 in Asia.

    PDI annual awards: 2017 Europe winners

    The winners and runners-up to the PDI annual awards 2017 in Europe.

    PDI annual awards 2017: The Americas winners

    The winners and runners-up to the PDI annual awards 2017 in the Americas.

    PDI annual awards 2017: Global winners

    The global winners and runners-up of the PDI annual awards 2017

    PDI annual awards 2017: On the rise

    PDI's annual awards recognise the achievements of the private debt industry’s leading lights in 2017.

    Annual review 2017: Dry powder and diversity

    Following a standout year of fundraising, Tavneet Bakshi and Christian Allgeier, partner and director at placement agent First Avenue Partners, respectively, offer insight on LP perspectives.

    Annual review 2017: How Asia’s insurers are upping their exposure

    Asian investors have traditionally had a relatively small footprint in the world of private debt, but some institutions are becoming more active. We reveal some of the Asian insurers that are now making their mark.

    Annual review 2017: Continental Europe’s private debt markets

    The fast-growing European private debt market is in a state of flux. While the UK may still dominate, its neighbours are growing in prominence as the industry matures.

    Annual review 2017: Trump’s tax bill examined

    At first glance, the US government’s tax bill is business friendly. But for the private debt industry it is a double-edged blade

    Annual review 2017: What we learned

    Bigger funds, niche strategies and friendlier banks were just a few of the trends to emerge over the last 12 months.