May 2018 issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2018
    Issue: 53

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    Want more leverage? Give investors the vote

    Getting the nod from a BDC’s equity investors to increase borrowings would be more efficient and engender goodwill.

    A dull pitch makes sense in a dangerous world

    Volatility is rocking the globe, which means private debt’s safe and steady message should win fans among LPs.

    Waiting for the cycle to turn

    Former BlueBay executive Abhik Das was recently hired as the new head of private debt at Golding Capital Partners. He was asked for his views on current market conditions.

    The 15-year road to bankruptcy of Tilton’s Zohar

    Earlier this month Lynn Tilton, the founder of distressed private equity firm Patriarch Partners placed three CLO funds she managed – Zohar I, II and III – into bankruptcy in an attempt to bring a fifteen year saga, replete with numerous legal battles, to an end.

    The shape of shipping

    The shipping industry has suffered through the difficult post-crisis years, but as the global economy picks up, banks may not be ready to finance its recovery. John Bakie reports

    Aircraft leasing: Waiting for take-off

    As the airline travel industry continues to grow, there is potentially more opportunity in aircraft leasing. However, there are risk factors to be considered.

    How platform lenders come of age

    Online lending platforms are graduating from their P2P origins. Several have become large credit sourcing operations deploying data and teams of credit assessors to serve, in some cases, tens of thousands of SMEs. Meanwhile, a large proportion of the capital now being lent through the top platforms is from insurers and pensions attracted not only […]

    India: Capitalising on the trend to lend

    India has a growing population of young entrepreneurs for whom banks are no longer the only providers of finance. Vik Mehrotra of Venus Capital discusses the rise of alternative lenders.

    The no-panic approach to GDPR

    Complying with the EU’s new data protection regime is a marathon, not a sprint, writes Claire Coe Smith

    Fund finance: The rise of the hybrids

    Fund finance facilities have traditionally been linked to uncalled LP commitments, but the focus is increasingly now on underlying portfolio investments. Leon Stephenson of Reed Smith explains the trend

    Retail: Left on the shelf

    Retail blowouts are hitting the headlines, but many of the problems date from before the global financial crisis.

    Recruitment: Fishing in the same pool

    Lorianne Burge, a consultant in the debt finance and structured finance team at London-based executive recruitment and search business Walker Hamill, says private debt, private equity and fintech firms are often going after the same talent.