September 2019 issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2019

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    AB Private Credit Investors: Targeting tech

    Software and technology is one of the most promising growth sectors in the US direct lending market, with a shift to cloud computing helping support an attractive opportunity set, says Brent Humphries, president of AB Private Credit Investors

    Twin Brook: The past and present of the middle market

    Direct lending in the mid-market has changed over the past five years. As Twin Brook Capital Partners approaches a milestone anniversary, founder and managing partner Trevor Clark discusses the state of the industry and how it has evolved since 2014

    MGG: What concerns credit investors?

    Whether it is high leverage levels or covenant-lite loans, there are plenty of issues weighing on fund managers’ minds, say Kevin Griffin, CEO and CIO, and Greg Racz, president, of MGG Investment Group

    FIRSTavenue: Preparing for fundraising challenges

    As private credit continues to see substantial growth in AUM and capital continues to concentrate around the largest GPs, Jess Larsen says others must adjust for a tougher environment.

    Comvest: Why complexity pays in the middle market

    Lending to non-sponsored businesses or underbanked industries requires greater resources but can generate higher returns, say Robert O’Sullivan, Greg Reynolds and Jason Gelberd of Comvest Partners

    Tree Line: Moneyball for portfolio managers seeking yield

    Can the statistical model that revolutionised a great American sport be applied to private debt? Tom Quimby, managing partner with Tree Line Capital Partners, thinks it can

    Alter Domus: Servicing a growing market through technology

    The growing size and complexity of the private debt market requires ever more responsive administrative systems to meet investors’ and regulators’ demands, say Maximilien Dambax and Tom Gandolfo of Alter Domus

    NXT Capital: Under the hood of fund-level leverage

    Asking a few simple questions can reveal the essentials of a manager’s leverage strategy and its ability to protect investors’ interests, writes NXT Capital’s Neil Rudd