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Debates on increasing tax on carried interest shouldn’t ignore the wider contribution private equity brings to economies.
Photo concept for modular home construction.
In less than a year, the net lease mortgage REIT is on track to originate $1bn on an annualised basis.
The decision on the SEC’s private fund rules was made for the right reason. There was also a troublesome ‘wrong reason’ in the mix, but the court ignored it.
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Will the private debt market achieve a soft landing or end up in a crumpled mess? Adil Kurt-Elli ponders the possibilities.
Quarterly redemptions on the interval fund are limited to 5% of NAV, with minimum investments of $25,000.
Canyon Euro CLO 2023-1 is the sixth-largest European deal ever, and the largest in more than six years.
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Amid a revived broadly syndicated loan market, private debt firms must decide whether to keep competing.
Partnership exemplifies recent trend of insurance and private debt firms converging to form synergies.
Camille de Lamotte will join the firm from Goldman Sachs to lead Spanish activity and co-head French deals.
Impact and SFDR classification has always been an awkward marriage. It's no surprise sophisticated market actors are moving away from it.

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