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Howard Marks Oaktree
Media warnings of a pending 'wild west' of defaults are overdone, portfolio managers say.
Bryan High and Adam Levideo
Adam Le spoke to Barings' Bryan High to get his views about how private credit will evolve and why LPs are flocking to the asset class.
Jon Gray Blackstone Nexus 2024
PE firms will find it tougher to invest once interest rates get cut, says Blackstone's president and COO in a video interview with PEI Group's Richard Melville at NEXUS 2024.
Howard Marks Oaktree
Given the shock of the new rate environment, some borrowers will experience problems, according to Howard Marks. He thinks talk of systemic risk is exaggerated though.
Howard Marks Oaktree
The 'oracle of credit investing' rates the Fed, the banking system and private credit, and discusses interest rates and the upside of excesses.
Blackstone's Jon Gray on stage at NEXUS 2024
Gray tells PEI Group’s NEXUS conference that corporate and real estate debt are the fastest growing assets of the firm.
Howard Marks
The industry veteran doesn’t believe private credit will bring down the system, but some managers will struggle in a higher-rate environment, he told attendees at PEI Group’s NEXUS 2024 summit.

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