Talking points 2020 special report

To be published July 2020  

From fundraising to fund administration, the coronavirus has forced the private debt industry to review its expectations for the next 12 months. So how can we expect private markets to emerge from the pandemic: What changes will we see? What cracks will appear and where do the opportunities lie? Private Debt Investor’s Talking Points 2020 supplement provides the perfect platform for fund managers, investors, consultants and service providers to showcase their latest thinking on a crisis that looks set to revaluate the way private debt does business. Topics are set to include:

FUNDRAISING: It’s not all doom and gloom
INVESTOR REPORTING: What LPs really want
REGULATION: The legal perspective
DEAL STRUCTURING: Towards a new paradigm
TECHNOLOGY: Why cyber-security is more important than ever
WORKING PRACTICES: Never the same again?

Please contact Beth Piercy for further detail on how to participate in the report.

Beth Piercy
Head of Marketing Solutions
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