Brexit survey: Let us know your views!

Go on, get it off your chest – tell us what you really think, and what the outcome means for your business.

The UK was warned by a number of august institutions and esteemed individuals prior to its big vote on June 23 that there would be serious repercussions should the outcome be in favour of leaving the European Union.

Hence, as we read the headlines about sterling plunging to a 31-year low, sovereign bond yields tumbling, the Bank of England swiftly moving to make bank lending easier, and central banks wondering what to do next…we perhaps should not be too surprised.

In the private debt universe, there has also been shock and a sense of disorientation at the outcome of the vote. But many say that the asset class is well placed to capitalise on the current situation: for example, alternative lenders may benefit from increasing pressure on traditional lenders, while distressed investors are also seeing potential for some interesting opportunities.

But at PEI, we are assuming nothing about how the Brexit vote has affected our readers. Instead we want you to tell us – and we can then report the findings back to you. Click here to access our Brexit survey which seeks to discover how life is really looking across private debt and the rest of the alternative asset universe.