Chart of the week: Blackstone sits on top in New York

 The firm appears to be secure in first place thanks to its mega-funds in market, with two targeting $3bn each.


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Blackstone tops the chart of fund managers in the financial capital of the US, PDI data shows.

The firm has raised almost $40 billion in private debt vehicles since 2011– the most recent being NYSTRS/Blackstone Real Estate Debt Separate Account, which closed at $500 million this year.

Apollo Global Management comes in at second place after raising 13 private debt funds since 2011. Its largest was the €3.6 billion Western Europe-focused European Principal Finance Fund II. In contrast, Angelo, Gordon – coming in 10th – raised $650 million for its AG Credit Opportunities Fund, its largest in the time-frame.

With two funds in market targeting $3 billion apiece and the GSO Capital Opportunities Fund III already having raised two-thirds of its $6 billion goal, it doesn’t appear that Blackstone/GSO will fall from the top spot anytime soon.